We are a full service solar company dedicated to providing clean renewable solutions for your home and business. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, with over 10 years experience we can handle your energy needs.


Urban Energy has their own employees, which are all bonded and insured, we do not use outside contractors. We hold a C46 contractors license.



Our solar panels come with a standard 25-year warranty, and we design all of our systems to provide virtual maintenance free solar electrical generation system for decades to come. Schedule a free site evaluation today and we will explain the benefits you can receive from going solar.


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Rebate Programs


•Incentive programs vary from state to state. Find out more about programs in your area by visiting the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE)



•Solar rebates are administered through the California Solar Initiative (CSI). The amount of the rebate depends on the size of your solar system and how much electricity it is estimated to produce. To check the current rebate levels in your area, check the CSI Trigger Tracker website



•In California, incentives are available for a wide range of energy efficiency upgrades. To learn more about availability in your area visit Energy Upgrade California



•To find out exactly how much you can save through incentive programs, contact us to set up a

free consultation




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