Southern California Edison's "Time-of-Use" rate changes, and how it can affect you.

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In March 2019, Edison changes how you buy electricity.  

Here’s what you need to know.

The method how Edison charges for electricity is changing.  They will be transitioning ALL rate payers from the traditional “tiered” structure Domestic rates to a “Time of Use” (TOU) structure.  TOU rates are based on what time of day your home is consuming electricity. 

Edison’s new default time of use rate is 4pm-9pm.  This means Edison will be charging customers their highest rates when they normally come home from work, during dinner hours, and prime time TV hours.  In many cases, this change will negatively impact ratepayers. 

Currently there are five residential TOU rate structures and in March 2019 Edison will

only offer three residential TOU rate structures.  However, if you already have a TOU rate structure, you’ll be “grand fathered in” and be able to leverage your plan for a set period depending on certain factors.  

Urban Energy Solar is here to help you.  

I want to work with you to identify the TOU rate that works best for your household, so that you aren’t negatively affected by Edison’s new TOU structure.  Changing rate structures can take at least one billing cycle to go into effect.  With March just around corner, this should be done as soon as possible. 

Here’s What You Should Do.

  • If you are a current client of Urban Energy Solar AND are not currently on a TOU rate structure, please respond to this blog post and we’ll make sure that you are on the most advantageous rate structure to leverage your solar system.

  • If you’re still “on-the-fence,” and hope to go Solar in 2019, please respond to this blog post and we’ll help you choose the best rate and ensure that you get the rate structure that best works for you family, along with options for your solar panel system.

In closing, Urban Energy Solar passionate in helping people like you save money on their electricity bill.  Whether or not you’ve embraced Solar – the California electricity market is in a constant flux, and with Utilities feeling the “heat,” we recommend taking a moment to consider solar solutions so you don’t miss out on saving your hard earned money. 

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