5 Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

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If you’re a home owner with a pool, having a solar pool heating system is a no brainer once you consider all the benefits!  However, we understand that researching the money saving and environmental benefits of a solar pool heating system may be low on your priority list. 

So, to save you time, we compiled 5 major benefits you’d experience by installing a solar pool heating system in your home. 

We hope this information helps serve you and your decision to installing, or at the very least, inquiring about solar pool heating here with us at Urban Energy Solar. 

Number 1: Extended Swim Season

The average pool owner uses the pool three or four months a year because the water is too cold the rest of the time.  Installing a solar heater can extend that swim season a few months or more, allowing you to enjoy your pool longer!  A solar heating system can easily heat a Southern California pool to temperatures from 78 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit between the months of April and October. 

Number 2: Saving Money

The most obvious of these benefits is the money you’d save on your utility bill.  However, the question is, how does this money saving work?  A solar heater costs you initially, but according to a poll held by Energy.gov, customers of solar powered heating systems see their system pays for itself in 2 to 7 years.   That means, the money you would be spending on your utility bill for heating your pool could be stashed in savings for your next family vacation, or towards the kitchen remodel you’ve always looked forward to. 

Number 3: Longevity

At Urban Energy Solar, we are an exclusive dealer for FAFCO, the oldest and the largest US solar thermal manufacturer. Solar pool heating panels last, on average, for up to 20 years; and through us, your solar panels get a 12 year warranty! The longevity of these panels can often help increase the equity of your home.   Not to mention, Urban Energy Solar offers maintenance contracts, which gives you peace of mind and assurance that your investment will be well maintained and looked after.

Number 4: Helping the Environment

A solar heater is a green way to warm your pool and reduce its carbon footprint. Solar is the cleanest form of energy because it doesn’t use natural resources like gas or oil and doesn’t produce harmful emissions.  Also, you can further reduce energy use by putting a solar blanket over your pool at night to prevent heat loss.

Number 5: A Quite System

Solar heaters also are the quietest heaters on the market. That means no loud hum as you relax in the water. Imagine the delightful late night swim without the hum of a loud heater working.   

With that, why not contact us today and see if a solar heater is right for you.

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