Here’s Why You Need a Battery Storage System

Here’s Why You Need a Battery Storage System

It’s no secret that solar panel systems have become widely accepted and greatly accessible.  This is partly due to government initiatives to move our world towards a more sustainable energy source, but also solar panel owners are reaping the benefits of their system by saving money on their utility bills, and feeling great about it.

The advent of solar panels means many companies are working to create more efficient and self sustaining products, one of them is the home battery storage system.  After all, owning solar panels for you homes allows you to become less reliant on the aging American electrical grid and fossil fuels, which is good for both the environment and your wallet. 

Urban Energy Solar has offered battery storage systems for many years, but there’s never been a better time to pair your solar panels with a battery storage system because not only has the technology become more sophisticated, but it’s also more affordable. 

Here are a few highlights about battery storage systems to help inform your decision on purchasing one for you home, or at the very least, inquire with us at Urban Energy Solar.

Protect your home from power outages. 

Imagine you’re hosting a small get together with friends or family.  Suddenly, your home’s power has been cut due to a neighborhood power outage.  Luckily, you planned ahead, and your battery storage system collected enough energy to bring your home back to light, and your party back to life. You’re a hero!

These scenarios don’t happen often, but it’s when they do you’re happy to have your battery storage system in place.  

Independence from the Grid.

The grid is the largest machine on Earth. Only three grids make the entire US power system, interconnecting thousands of power plants and millions of miles of power lines that deliver power to homes like yours.

A home battery system acts as a buffer between the grid and your home.  It charges from solar panels or the grid. In an outage, the battery instantaneously disconnects from the main panel and the rest of the electrical grid, creating a self-sustaining, personal grid that includes solar panels and the important things in the home. When the sun goes down, a home battery can power your home with stored solar energy, all night long.

Battery Storage Systems for commercial building and businesses.

Weather patterns can often be extreme and unpredictable.  In California, a simple rainy day often sends drivers into a frenzy.  It’s not far off from reality to think that on a rainy day a water main could burst, causing the department of water and power to shut down power lines, leaving you business at a stand still—unless you have a battery storage system.  

Much like any other safe guard, commercial buildings and businesses need to focus on energy security, and commercial battery backup systems are some of the most efficient methods of protection and insurance for companies and organizations.

Solar Panels & Critical Loads Panel.

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. Because solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity, an inverter is required to transform solar electricity into alternating current (AC), which is the type of electricity used in your home.  During installation of a home battery, a certified electrician installs a essential loads panel, which has the same function as the main distribution panel. The home battery powers the essential loads panel, which sends electricity to all of the important rooms and essential appliances in your home.

Home batteries vary in size significantly, from 6 kWh up to 20+ kWh. As an illustration, without an additional charging, a typical 10 kWh home battery could:

  • Charge your iPhone 952 times

  • Blend 4,000 margaritas

  • Microwave 300 Hot Pockets

  • Run 30 loads of laundry (without drying)

  • Keep your fridge on for 50 hours

  • Brew 30 pots of coffee

  • Run a space heater for more than 6.5 hours

  • Keep an LCD TV on for 50 hours

  • Make 360 pieces of toast in a toaster (or 1,000 in a toaster oven)

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